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Custom Parts

If you’re looking for custom parts for your vehicle, look no further. Unless you’re British. Then we offer bespoke parts. From pistons, to rods, to head porting and more, MIL.SPEC can design whatever you need for your engine. If you have a project for your car, drop us a note and we’ll see if we can help. Please note that all of our parts are designed and manufactured only in the USA. So if you want a cheap engine rod made in China, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

milspec custom rods

Custom billet long rod developed for a Mazda Miata. Rod was 9mm longer than stock, much stronger and 30 grams lighter per rod than the OEM version.

milspec custom billets

Custom billet high-compression piston with proper dish designed for the Mitsubishi Evo 8 and 9. Piston weighs in at 262 grams without pin—that’s approximately 25 grams lighter per piston than comparable forged units.