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About Us

MIL.SPEC is a company based on the highest standards of professional racing. If you’re looking for the least expensive part for your car, this isn’t the place. However, if you’re looking for motorsports quality parts for your street or track car, then you’re in the right spot. The two co-founders were brought together by their love of automotive performance and the science behind it.

ABY NAZARIO: The tech genius behind MIL.SPEC. Aby has 20+ years of professional race car tuning and engine building experience under his belt. He has been a part of 18 Manufacturer Championships and worked on GTP, IMSA, ALMS, CART and IRL cars. Over the years, Aby has worked at many esteemed companies including, but not limited to: Cosworth, NPT (Nissan Performance Technology), TRD (Toyota Racing Development), HPD (Honda Performance Development), Porsche Racing North America (formerly Andial). Aby brings his unparalleled level of engineering knowledge and real-world professional racing experience to the Evo.

ERIK DELEO: Erik has been an avid car enthusiast ever since age 5, when his dad (after winning his race) took him for a victory lap at Watkins Glen in a TR-3. With 5 years experience in the car industry, and a focus on sales and marketing, Erik has an incurable addiction to modifying vehicles. A quintessential “car guy” through and through.

Why the name MIL.SPEC?
MIL.SPEC stands for military specifications. The standards for the military are beyond those of most industries, and they have their own grading systems for materials and engineering. This is often referred to as "mil-spec," and is the level of quality and engineering that MIL.SPEC delivers.